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Holiday in Bayburt, Turkey



Bayburt is a beautiful city of Turkey with its natural beauties and historical background.Bayburt (Turkey), which is neighbo to Trabzon(Turkey), Rize(Turkey), Erzurum(Turkey) and Gumushane, has many historical monuments and natural beauties.Marco Polo and Evliya Celebi's travel route, Bayburt is also on the historical Silk road.There wil be a lot of alternatives of traveling and seeing places in Bayburt Turkey. when we say Bayburt there are regions which are;



Traveling Places in Bayburt, Turkey



Bayburt Castle: It is the oldest and most valuable work remaining from the Ottoman Empire period.There is a church to the east and Yagli Cave to the west of the Bayburt Castle. We recommend you to put to Bayburt Castle of traveling places in Bayburt Turkey.


Aydintepe Underground City: This underground city located in the Altintepe district of Bayburt is 2.5 meters below the surface.It is an underground city worth seeing with its rooms carved into the rock.We strongly recommend you to visit on your Bayburt trip.


Dede Korkut Museum:The museum is located  40 km away from Bayburt.It organizes exhibitions and symposiums every July.We recommend you to put to Dede Korkut Museum of favorite places in Bayburt Turkey.


Cimagil Cave: The museum is located  36 km away from centrum of Bayburt.The height of the cave is 30 meters.The length of the cave, which consists of 11 sections, is 600 meters.A good alternative to Bayburt sightseeing points.


Sarikaya Waterfall: It is located on Bayburt-Erzurum road.Sarikaya waterfall has a magnificent view.We recommend you to put to Sarikaya Waterfall of favorite places in Bayburt Turkey.


Bent Bath: It was built by the Akkoyunlu State in the 16th century.It is located very close to Coruh River.Visual beauty of Bath attracts a lot of visitors today.A nice trip stop for your Bayburt holiday.


Ice Cave: It is located in Helva Village, which is 33 km away from Bayburt.Inside the cave are ice stalagmites.Bayburt is one of the places that attract the most visitors.



Accommodation in Bayburt, Turkey




You can find many accommodation options in Bayburt Turkey. You can find Bayburt's hotels that are suitable for your budget. And, you can rental Homes in Bayburt for holiday.A short time later will attempt Dreamofholiday firm daily rentals vacation houseshomes and holiday apartments rentals sector in Bayburt Turkey.




Transportation in Bayburt, Turkey 



Bayburt is in a convenient location for transportation.It is possible to get by by airline, except road traffic.Buses are always available from IstanbulAnkara(Turkey)IzmirAntalya(Turkey)Bursa(Turkey) and all Citys.You can use Trabzon airport (120 min.) and Erzurum Airport (60 min.) for your Bayburt airport transport.Dear our customers can contact at any time of the day to get the detailed information and more from Arsis VipTransport..!