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Rize, 330 thousand inhabitants of the Eastern Black Sea region, in recent years has a tourism boom and the Black Sea coast is located. Rize province surrounded by Trabzon Turkey, Artvin Turkey, Erzurum Turkey and Bayburt Province is a wonder of nature. Rize is the capital of tea, tobacco, kiwi. The history of Rize dates back to the 7th century BC with its magnificent mountains, glacier lakes, emerald green Rize Plateaus, historic arch bridges and forts, and a special tourism region with its flowing streams. Karadeniz Rize of the most important stopping point for the tour is flooded with visitors from every corner of Turkey in the spring and summer semesters. The famous Rize Highlands welcomes tens of thousands of tourists every year. Especially in the Middle East, Rize has been flooded with visitors, increasing its popularity day by day. Without doubt, it is the lush nature of Rize and the tempting beauty of the Rize Highlands. You can find all shades of green Rice from the world known as the Ayder plateau, Cagrankaya Plateau, Ovit Plateau, Hazindak Plateau, Gito Plateau, Polakcur Plateau, Ceymakcur Plateau, Avusor Plateau, Kavrun Plateau, Samistal Plateau, Kale Plateau, Pokut Plateau, Palovit Plateau, Elevit Plateau, Anzer Plateau enchants our Middle Eastern guests coming from desert climates. We chose Rize's sights for you;



Places to Visit in Rize, Turkey




Ayder Plateau: This place is located in the district of Çamlıhemşin. The city center is about 100 km away. It is famous for its honey obtained from various flowers and healing hot springs. In addition to its magnificent beauty, it also has a clean air. The plateau houses are decorated with greenery. Ayder Plateau welcomes many local and foreign tourists in every period of the year. The area has many hot springs, personalized pools, physical therapy centers and modern facilities including doctors. It is known that the hot springs in the region give healing to the skin and internal diseases. Visitors looking for a peaceful, healthy and quiet holiday should definitely prefer Ayder Plateau. We recommend that you place your Rize places at the top of your list.


Anzer Plateau: It is located in İkizdere district, 85 km away from the center. It has a very rich vegetation. It is also a good reason for Anzer Honey to be formed. Another name of the famous Anzer Plateau with honey is Ballıköy. The height of the plateau is 2500-3000 meters. Because it is very high, there is no foot. In this beautiful place, highland festivals are held in August. If you go in August, you should not miss this visual feast. Rize must be on your list.


Firtina Creek: It is about 2 km away from Ardesen and 57 km long. Those who see the storm in the Black Sea is thrilled. It is a very convenient place for water sports. Therefore, it has become the focus of attention of domestic and foreign tourists. Rafting is very fun in the clean air of this place. Rize is a good example of natural beauty.


Kackar Mountains: Located between Rize and Hopa. It has a great view with its azure lakes, glaciers, streams and lush greenery. Mountain sports are also held here. Every year hundreds of climbers climb to Kackar Mountains. The months of August-September in summer and February-March in winter are the best times for climbing. When you visit the natural beauties of Rize, you will not return without seeing the Kackar Mountains.


Zil Castle: It is located 15 km south of Çamlıhemşin district. It was built during the "Kommenos" period in the 13th century. After the Ottoman Empire conquered the fortress, it was used for security purposes. At the same time Zil Kale is located on the historical Silk Road. Fırtına Creek flows just below the Zil Castle and it is 100 meters high from the Fırtına Creek. It looks very far away with its magnificent appearance. Tourists visiting the city are among the first places to visit. Zil Castle is a good example of Rize's historical sites.


Ataturk House Museum: Is located in the center of Rize. It was built in 1921. When Atatürk came to Rize, he stayed in this house as a guest of Mehmet Mataracı. Later in 1985, Rize was opened to visitors as the Atatürk House Museum. Atatürk House Museum sheds light on Rize's history.


Kiz Castle: It is a castle built on the nose to the west of Pazar district. He was disconnected from the land. 13-14. it is thought to have been built between the centuries. It is another of Rize's Historical Spaces, which sheds light on Rize's history.


Elevit Plateau: It is a place about 55 km from Çamlıhemşin. Elevit Plateau is a settlement at an altitude of 1800 meters. It's more like a village than a plateau. It depends on the headman. The rich locals built villas there. In this way, a very nice image has been formed. The roads are asphalt. While you are visiting this beautiful highland, you will have a comfortable trip. Another alternative to Rize's sights.


Palovit Plateau: It is the biggest plateau on the valley. The plateau consists of four parts. It is 70 km from Rize Çamlıhemşin. You can add Places to visit in Rize, Turkey.


Ikizdere Plateau: It is located at the foot of the Kaçkar Mountains. It is the address of nature tourism. Oxygen-rich highland has an extraordinary appearance. There are great glacial lakes on it. The visitors who come here feel like in the sky. Rize is a region where you can witness the beauty of the best. We recommend that you put in your list of places to see.


Kale-i Bala: It is 40 km away from Camlihemsin district. There are similarities with Zil Castle. This castle is also known as '' Suburban Castle ''. Its length is 70 meters and its width is 25 meters. 14-15. century. Rize is a good example of the history. Family members are also sitting here.


Old Rize Houses: These are wooden houses built into forests, hills and mountain slopes. Wood is a preferred building material and wood is preferred. In the depths of the forest, it is very difficult to reach home communities that are intertwined in green. The roads leading to the houses are hilly and pathetic. The exterior facades of the houses are decorated with stones. The basement is used as a barn. The next floors are double. Rize Houses exhibits the history and culture of Rize.




Transportation to Rize, Turkey



Rize is in a convenient location for transportation. It is also possible to reach by sea and by air. Istanbul Turkey, Ankara Turkey, Izmir Turkey, Bursa Turkey, especially metropolises, all cities, regular bus services are carried out. Rize is the most shortest, transit route center of the Black Sea with its connection to Rize-Trabzon, Rize - Artvin Hopa and Russia, Iran via Rize - Ikizdere - Erzurum. You can use Trabzon Airport for your Rize airline transportation. For  Trabzon Airport to Rize Transfer, you can get more information from Arsis Vip Transfer which is another establishment.



Accommodation in Rize, Turkey



Rize, the pearl of the Eastern Black Sea region, which is a natural heritage and has recently become very popular, has many options for accommodation. You can find Rize hotels, hostels and alternative accommodation in every budget. The hotel can accommodate your budget as well as in Rize, Turkey, one of the elite firms Dream Of Holiday family, Chalet Rental and very soon our Daily Rent Rize and Rize holidays in the region will be served to you.