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Holiday in Marmaris Turkey 



Marmaris extant mythological era BC history The blue Marmaris is one of Turkey the corner of paradise until the 3500 year and are founded .Within a whole year all shades of green coastline, its proximity to the ancient cities, natural beauty, and in the present set of the blue tour due to excess, preferred due to the yachting to elverşl is a modern tourist center.Marmaris even in the Mediterranean winter months because it has a climate overboard enter mümkündür.kar the way to Dalaman except for transportation from the airport and Rhodes Ferry with the outside world in an area easily accessible of Marmaris.Marmaris wonderful nature and centuries an important center are olmuştur.as the historical texture the beauty of nature in Marmaris was invaded by various civilizations throughout history buff in the edebilecig visits outside of the nightlife there is too much work. Castle of Marmaris one of the enthusiast from the symbolic structure of by Ionians you can admire the panoramic views that can be seen by our Marmaris Turkey Visitors Tashan and Arched Bridge, Phskos which is an important port city in ancient times, Loryma, Amos, Cedraie, Hydas, Erine, Castabus, Saranda and Bybassios Marmaris(Turkey) chance to see the beaches and the sea, especially the influx of European tourist visited Turkey Marmaris main places where you can enter the sea;



Traveling Places in Marmaris Turkey



Marmaris Museum: Helenistlik, this museum with artifacts from the Roman and Byzantine periods definitely see travel Marmaris is located just behind the marina Museum Paradise Island: 30 minutes from Marmaris completely covered with forests you can choose the dark.


Phosphorous Cave: offers a beautiful swimming facilities for guests with green and turquoise reminiscent of the aquarium. Icmeler Marmaris district of the most beautiful and much in demand with the most demanding position with the name Drinking and drinking water, as its reputation the water along the beach and tourist facilities malaria town of Marmaris is 9 km away.


Orange: Indigenous and this village is 20 kilometers from Marmaris(Turkey) attracted intensive attention of foreign tourists can reach by road and sea.


Kumlubük: You can reach by sea from Marmaris(Turkey) and green with clean water through unique sandy beach and blue is a perfect blend of the sun.


Farm: This is particularly the large bays with sandy beaches and open air restaurant in the foreground çıkmaktadır.jeep safaricilerin hangout spot of choice for yachtsmen.


Gunnucek: his wife is very rare in the world with daily Liquidambar orientalis forest Günnücek is 2 km from Marmaris Turkey.


Liar Strait: Marmaris 8 km from the liar throat construction of the tree are the places you should see in your visit to Marmaris Gulet shipyards. Nature lovers can also visit the yerlerini like Turgut promenade in Marmaris and Bozburun.


Marmaris Nightlife: Indigenous and much favored by foreigners in terms of Marmaris nightlife rather took the stage in populer DJ Marmaris Bars and Disco are a very hareketlidir.marmaris bars most moving of the Aegean region, all kinds of music Marmaris in places located in the street and a lot of fun nightlife sahiptir.Marmaris disco bars along the beach Uzunyali as an alternative to the streets, bars, cafes and restaurants are available.