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Information Of Olu deniz, Turkey



As it can be understood from its name, Blue Lagoon which has a characteristic of a lake is a district of Fethiye(Turkey) and especially foreign tourists who has preferred as much as Bodrum(Turkey), Marmaris(Turkey), Gocek and Dalyan(Turkey) in Mugla is one of the most important holiday villages in Turkey. With its spectacular atmosphere Oludeniz which hosts hundreds of thousands people every year is shown at first in Turkey’s presentation films. Fethiye Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon) which is one of the Blue Flag Beaches in Turkey, was selected The most Beautiful Beach of the World by gaining a big majority of the votes in 2006. There is Kidrak Beach except for Belcekiz Beach too. Oludeniz draws attention with its stable deep blue water even during the strongest winds. Oludeniz which is situated at the southwestern part of the Turkey, is named “The Light And The Sun Land ” by Lycian Civilizations and “Distant Land” by Middle Age Civilizations. With its nature which is surrounded by very green trees, its turquoise color, its perfectly stable water even during the strongest winds in which anybody cannot find even a tiniest moss Oludeniz has been hosting hundreds of thousands visitors for vocational purposes. You can find a chance to freshen youselves in Belcekiz Beach, Kumburnu Beach and Kidrak Beach where preservative families mostly have their holiday except for Blue Lagoon Beach in our town Oludeniz. At the same time you can find a chance to join daily boat tours except for numerous sports activities in worldwide famous coves around Oludeniz (Butterfly Valley, Saint Nicholas Island, Camel Beach, etc.) in Oludeniz which owns the best location on the world for you to be able to do paragliding. Oludeniz is one of the most important foundation stones of Turkish tourism with its natural beauties, geographical location and history which has leaned on ancient times. We have collected some activities and places where you should visit in Oludeniz in which you can find so many choices.



The Legend of Olu deniz, Turkey



The name Belcekiz is based on a legend in Oludeniz history. In ancient times the ships which navigate around here anchors offshore and then lands by boats to take drinking water. One day when young and handsome son of an old captain lands at a cove to take water, he sees an adorably beautiful girl, Belcekiz. He falls in love with her at first sight. The girl falls in love with him, too. But young man has to take the water and come back to his father’s ship. The ship navigates by far away countries. Belcekiz always watches for shore and of course her darling. Young man comes there to take water at every cruise of the ship. So they see each other. One day when the ship navigates around there, a big storm breaks. Young man tells his father that there is a sheltered cove like a pool. But old man thinks his son wants to crash his ship for the sake of seeing his beloved because old man knows his son’s love affair. As the waves rise the fight between father son grows. When the ship would crash to the rocks, the captain throws his son overboard with an oar strike and holds the rudder so he realizes the truth. The sea turns into a calm cove by turning. His son dies just there. Belcekız who waits for her beloved on the cliffs commits suicide by jumping down the cliffs. Since that day the place where the woman died is called Belcekiz, the place where the man died is called Oludeniz (means Dead Sea in Turkish). The color of the sea in Oludeniz changes in a day. Who knows? Maybe the sea still feels sad both for a man and a woman.




To See Place and To Do Activities In Oludeniz, Turkey




Of course; when you say Oludeniz, the first thing which comes to mind is paragliding you can watch Dalaman beaches, Esen plain and perfect Oludeniz landscape by jumping from Babadag which the most beautiful paragliding path of the world where is situated in Oludeniz and is approximately 1900 meters height. We recommend you not to go back your home without doing paragliding when you visit Oludeniz Turkey.


By participating daily boat tours and by visiting worldwide famous Gemile Island, Butterfly Valley and Camel Beach you can swim in the completely cool water of them. That is our recommendation for you to see places in Oludeniz Turkey.


You can find a chance to try many water sports around Oludeniz (Jet skiing, wind surfing, water-skiing fly board, banana, ringo). You will have great time in your Oludeniz vacation.


By attending Jeep Safari Tours you can find chance of visiting and witnessing historical and touristic places of Oludeniz Fethiye. There are services to your accommodations in Oludeniz of daily tour companies.


If you are a nature-lover, Fethiye Oludeniz is one of the most beautiful stops which you can do trekking with its geographical structure and historical side. You can start virtual tour of 3D panaromic tour which belongs to Oludeniz Fethiye.


By attending horse safari tours or with quad bikes you can find a chance of visiting Kayakoy and Gemile Island which have a mystical atmosphere entertainingly. You can find a chance of seeing natural wonder places in Oludeniz geography.


Especially at sunset you can find a chance of tasting worldwide famous tastes and cocktails through the Oludeniz coastline and Oludeniz pub street where excellent pubs and restaurants is situated in a row. Oludeniz nightlife which is quite successful at this point will fascinate you till the first light of the morning. Also Hisaronu which is the heart of Fethiye nightlife is 3 kms away to you. Hisaronu bars street will be a good alternative to Oludeniz nightlife.




Transportation to Olu deniz, Turkey




Highway Transportation: Highway transportation to Oludeniz via highway is provided by Fethiye Coach Station. You can reach to Fethiye province with Antalya, Mugla(Turkey) and Burdur(Turkey) Linked Highways from all cities of Turkey. However there are bus services from some metropolises like Istanbul, Ankara(Turkey), Izmir, Bursa(Turkey) and Antalya(Turkey) to Fethiye. Also there are microbus services from Fethiye to Oludeniz in each 10 minutes.


Airway Transportation: Dalaman Airport which is one of the biggest airports of the world is 65 kms away to Oludeniz. You can get information from Arsis ViP Transport for your transfer requests from Dalaman Airport and vice versa.


Seaway Transportation: In order to reach Oludeniz province, Fethiye port will be a nice choice for alternative seaway transportation Fethiye Port has the feature of being a beaten track of the yachters from all over the world thanks to its natural beauty. We can meet your demands about Fethiye private yacht charter and gullet charter as Arsis Yacht Rental Organization.


Accommadation in Olu deniz, Turkey



Oludeniz is situated as Belcegiz District, Hisaronu District and Ovacık District in the aspect of accommodation and localization the best quality and beachfront hotels among Oludeniz are located at Belcegiz District and they are more expensive in comparision with the other Oludeniz hotels and hostels. The cheapest hotels among Oludeniz are mostly located at Ovacik and Hisaronu. Furthermore; villa rental in Ovacik and apartment hotels in Hisaronu have importance of considerably for Oludeniz accommodation sector. We provide many services like rental villas, rental resorts, rental apartment hotels and rental flat for guests as Dream Of Holiday Company. Also you can control rental and Oludeniz apartment hotel rental from our website.


Your Oludeniz vacation with unique Oludeniz nature and Oludeniz historical structure will be a right choice for you to get rest and blow off steam.