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Holiday in Oludeniz Fethiye Turkey 

Oludeniz, Fethiye, Mugla province, a city in the district. Oludeniz beach is the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006, 82% of the vote.The city is well developed in terms of tourism. Lycians the land of light and Sun, in the middle ages is known as "distant Land", located to the southwest of Anatolia Teke Peninsula is located at.Turkey is located in one of the lagoon.Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon), such as the name of a stagnant Lake. The waves off the coast of the most tumultuous days of the struggle, only in the touristic resort of çırpıntılar.However, it looks like stagnant Oludeniz, invisible three so you almost every day. The first of these is available in the resource-intensive water outlets, Oludeniz(Turkey), inside the bottom creates a discharge towards the open sea. Secondly, this is due to the difference in the open sea in the source waters created by the salt and the formation of a continuous circulation. The third is the effect of come-go two to three days, with an average of half a meter to a sea rises and descends. This also provides a large amount of sea water input and output.



Giving the name of the Legend to Oludeniz



Belcekız name is based on a legend. In ancient times from the other ships off the coast to retrieve the boat it rained fish and drinking water irons. One day an old captain's young, handsome son to get water into the Bay, when he sees the beautiful, beautiful Blue. As soon as I saw the shot. The girl's heart, but must return to the fire and the water drops to the boy. The ship goes away. Belcekız shore always, his arms. The boy comes to take the ship out of the water each pass. Thus negotiate. One day the ship through the storm away. As a young, sheltered here, his father put the pool. The old man is, for the sake of your son's girlfriend to see your son's heart knows the adventure he wanted to break up the ship. The fight between father and son, together with the waves grow. The ship on the rocks, I screamed a rowing stroke full throws into the sea and his son Captain helm sticks to that State. Turning to the sea bed sheets as a fall into the Bay. Boy dies in there. Love on the rocks waiting to throw rocks Belcekız himself dies. On that day, these days she is called Belcekiz, Oludeniz, where the boy died, where he died. According to the color of the day based on the change in the furnace, a girl a boy standing is perhaps the sea.



Traveling Places and Activitys in Oludeniz Türkei



Paraliding: The most important activity of Oludeniz is paragliding.The best paragliding track in the world is Oludeniz Babadag.Every year thousands of people come to Oludeniz to do paragliding.We recommend you to do paragliding on your Oludeniz holiday.


Daily Boat Trip: Oludeniz has many islands besides Blue Lagoon.The most important of these islands, St.Nicholas Island, Butterfly Valley, Deve Beach and Blue Cave are world famous.On Oludeniz holiday you can see these famous islands by participating in Daily Boat Tours.


Jeep Safari: You will have the chance to see the historical places of Fethiye and its surroundings.These exciting Jeep tours are organized on a daily basis.Jeep Safari firms has for otel transfer.We recommend you to join the Jeep Safari tours to have a nice time on your Oludeniz holiday.


Horse Safari: You can take part in horse safari tours and enjoy the natural beauties of Oludeniz, the historical monuments of Kayakoy and Gemile Island.Horse Safari, is a nice activity that we can recommend for your holidays in Oludeniz.


Oludeniz NightlifeIt is possible to find very good quality bars and restaurants in Oludeniz coast.Especially at sunset we recommend you try the world famous cocktails in Oludeniz.Oludeniz nights are also quite active.World famous DJs are on Oludeniz nightlife.Later in the night, you can visit Hisaronu Barlar Street



Transportation in Oludeniz Turkey



Oludeniz highway transportation is made from Fethiye.Available every 15 minutes from Fethiye Bus Station to Oludeniz by Minibus.Buses are every days available from IstanbulAnkaraIzmir,AntalyaBursa and all Citys for Fethiye.You can use  Gocek Port - Fethiye Port route for your Oludeniz sea transport,You can use Dalaman airport for your Oludeniz transport.Dear our customers can contact at any time of the day to get the detailed information and more from Arsis VipTransport..!



Accommodation in Oludeniz Turkey



You can find many accommodation options in Oludeniz and Fethiye Turkey.You can find in Oludeniz,on Oludeniz's hotels and guest houses that are suitable for your budget.And, you can rent Holiday Villas,Holiday Homes in Oludeniz for holiday.As Dream Of Holiday firm we offer you renting villas and apartments in Fethiye Oludeniz.You can check our Oludeniz Villas and Oludeniz Apartments for yours Oludeniz Holiday.