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Vacation in Sapanca, Turkey




In 1200 BC, according to the known written documents came to the region of Phrygia, a settlement as mentioned Sapanca (TURKEY), truly MS It was founded in 378 by Bithynians. The first time in 391 years, the name of Lacus Siphonensis Laz a source was used. Buanes during the Eastern Roman Empire, under the name anılmıştır.sapan Sofh and Sofhang on the date of the coming month, and around 1075, Anatolian Seljuks and began to be referred to by name Ayanköy. Crusaders of the Byzantines after the expedition is again in the past. In 1640 Evliya Celebi's, Erzurum(Turkey) travel the way to the town, gives the following information about the town. Because once Izmit(Turkey) an old plow clearing the forest and shrub conduct an established village with Sabanci husband name. Then time passes by becoming a thriving town was time of Suleiman the Magnificent. Yellow Rustem Pasha 170 furnace was built in the village inn. It has a beautiful mosque, bath and bazaar. İmaret sky is covered with lead. Tiles are covered up to 1000 homes. All İmaret Mimar Sinan is the structure. Another Mimar Sinan Pasha is Pertev.This is managed by the trustees of the Foundation for the charity work of the most Rustem Pasha. Serdar this place has a new cherry. They will vaunted white cherry is famous. There is a baker's shop at the bottom of the baths. A kind of a dervish's blessing has found fame in uptown beret and a white loaf of bread loaf cooking the plow by name. Forty Even if there is no chance of losing the flavor of dry . So they took a fresh recruit is well known that one of the king ılgarl he liked. It was so delicious and they say there is some water has bread. There is a village in the vicinity. 2. In 1837 it was transformed into an accident during the Region Adapazari center. Sapanca(Turkey) is connected here township. Izmit - Bolu(Turkey) road was passing through the (Turkey) Sapanca. Katib Celebi, in his work on the road Cihannüma Sapanca part of the road where it passes through half a mile of water and when the water is raised is to be noted that the stirrup. It described the first half of the 19th century by Charles Tex. There an hour or so on the sands of the lake. In some places water goes up if the column. Railway from Sapanca(Turkey) was introduced in 1890 by opening a narrow shore splitting mentioned above. After the construction of roads and railways were to neglect has become almost impassable. After the Republic of the narrow coastal road is not the lake has passed behind the slope. Thus, the task of the historic town roads have both iron as well as continue to fulfill the highway. In the 1950s the motorway pass through the district's mission and history in 1989 as the E5 highway if you lose against the importance Sapanca (Turkey) a while by passing the lagoon was regained.We have compiled the most prominent points of Sapanca for you.



Traveling Places of Sapanca  Turkey



Sapanja Lake: When you say Sapanca the first we remember about Sapanca Lake. Around of the lake you can walking, cycling and can enjoy beauty of Lake.We recommend you to put to Sapanca Lake of favorite places in Sapanca Turkey.


Kirkpinar: One of the most important place of Sapanca( Turkey) is Kirkpinar and beautiful side of this city.You will find yourself around of lake when you walking.The most important place of Sapanja is Kirkpinar.


Masukiye: It is wonderful village of Sapanca(Turkey) and waiting for visitors. You can enjoy while traveling fruit trees and eatnin delecions tastes of Masukiye.We recommend you to add to Masukiye of traveling places in Sapanja Turkey.


Kartepe and Kartepe Ski Center: It is one of the natural beauties of Kartepe that will find every ton of green in summer time.. You can explore the nature here and it is a must -see place that you will not regret to visit.We strongly  advise you to put it your list.Kartepe one of the place you can travel in Sapanja especially in winters.Kartepe Ski Center, is one of the important places in Turkey like Uludag Ski Center, Kartalkaya Ski Center and Palandoken Ski Center which are on the for winter tourism.Kartepe located in the provincial borders of Kocaeli and close to Sapanca's can be a nice alternative like Kartepe and Kartepe Ski Center for the list of places to visit in Sapanja.


Cigdem Plateau: It is located 20 km away from the Sapanca.Sapanca Cigdem Plateau is also one of the best trekking and hiking trails in the Marmara Region.Cigdem Plateau welcomes many visitors every year.We recommend you to put to Cigdem Plateau of traveling places in Sapanca Turkey.


Derbent: It is located near to Kocaeli(Turkey) and one of the traveling places in Sapanca.This place is nested with nature.You can enjoy with walking here.


Sapanca Plateaus: There are a lot of Plateaus that you can visit here in Sapanja. The most known Plateaus are Sogucak Plateau, Sultanpinar Plateau, Dikmen Plateau and Inonu Plateau in Sapanca Turkey.



Accommodation in Sapanca, Turkey



You can find many accommodation options in Sapanca Turkey.You can find in Sapanca on Sapanca's hotels and pensions that are suitable for your budget.And, you can rental holiday apartmentsHoliday Homes in Sapanca for holiday.As Dreamofholiday firm we offer you rental holiday villas and apartments in Sapanca.You can check our Sapanca rental Villas and Sapanca rental apartments for yours Sapanca Vacation.



Transportation in Sapanca, Turkey



Sapanca is in a convenient location for transportation.It is possible to get by sea and by air, except road traffic.Buses are every days available from IstanbulAnkara(Turkey)IzmirAntalya(Turkey), Bursa(Turkey) and all Citys for Sapanca or Sakarya Turkey.You can use Yalova Port route for your Sapanca sea transport,You can use Sabiha Gokcen Airport and Istanbul Ataturk Airport for your Sapanca transport.Dear our customers can contact at any time of the day to get the detailed information and more from Arsis VipTransport..!