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Information Of Gokceada, Canakkale Turkey



Gokceada (Imbros); Located in the event of Turkey's largest island, located to the west of the Canakkale Province and our country is known as a town. Aegean and Marmara climatic features are observed in Gokceada. Turkey's best windsurfing is like a fountain of vacation that can be done. Gokceada; For the last few years Surfing has attracted great interest by enthusiasts. Although it is not as popular as Bodrum Turkey, Marmaris Turkey, Fethiye Turkey and Kusadasi, the Financial Times, the world-famous British newspaper, has described the region as i popular one of the 5 best summer escape islands in Europe ve. Gokceada (Imbros), where the Greek culture dominates the island, the festivals, the fascinating atmosphere surrounding the Aegean Sea and the magnificent sea products, and the interest of foreign and domestic visitors every year, is a good option for the Canakkale holiday. In addition to the Aegean Sea; Salt Lake, located in the eastern part of Gokceada (Imbros), is not only produced by salt, but also by its chemical sludge; Sciatica, rheumatism, psoriasis, calcification and skin wrinkles are said to be good for many health problems. Salt Lake is also located on the road of flamingos migration. Salt Lake will be another alternative to Gokceada. If you want to have a quiet rest, you should definitely have a place for you. The historical, natural beauties of Gokceada and the places to visit are as follows:



Places to Visit in Gokceada, Turkey



Tepekoy Cinaralti: It is an area where a historic plane tree is located, and a picnic area is used for food. An ideal spot to enjoy your holiday in the cool atmosphere of the summer months. Gokceada One of the places to see your vacation. In Tepekoy Cinaralti where you will have a great day with a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea, pets will also accompany you.


Gokceada Yildiz Bay: An underwater temple, the region stands out with its delicious sea. The region is a popular destination especially for people who are interested in diving and is an indispensable discovery site where various fish and stones are frequently encountered. You can place Star Sheep, Gokceada to your list of places to visit.


Gokceada Laz Bay: If you want to enjoy the sea, the sand and the exquisite sun in a quiet bay, you can choose this area. Gokceada's natural beauty is a nice alternative to your list.


Kalekoy: Kaleköy provided the connection between the Earth and Gokceada until the Kuzu Port was built. Kalekoy is a seaside harbor area with leisure entertainment venues and restaurants within the boundaries of Kalekoy. Situated among the best resorts in Turkey Kalekoy is one of the five Greek village under protection. To protect the external dangers of Gökçeada, which is the gateway to the outside world, Iskiter Castle built by the Genoese gave its name to this village. Kalekoy; Gokceada is a must-see region.


Gokceada Secret Port: The area at the western end of Gokceada is a little known. But with its captivating beauty, we can say that it is a point to be discovered. If you would like to enjoy a vacation in a different destination, we recommend you visit the Secret Harbor.


Gokceada Cheese Cliffs: Cheese cliffs with attractive natural beauty, Gokceada holiday is a place we recommend you to visit. The Cheese Cliffs of Gökçeada Kaşkaval are also the subject of many legends. It is not possible to see the Cheese Cliffs that should be on your list of places to visit in Gokceada, Turkey.


Gokceada Underwater National Park: This is the first underwater park of our country. The area between Kuzulimani and Kaleköy is the preferred point for the underwater richness and diving. Located in the Gokceada Underwater National Park, Mavi Koy is very convenient for free diving. You can also make a more detailed discovery in the region by attending professional diving trainings under the guidance of Gokceada Underwater National Park.


Gokceada Salt Lake: A gift of nature, the lake is formed by sea water and rains. The region that meets the salt needs of the region; rheumatism, calcification and psoriasis contributes to healing. The lake, which is located on the crossing route of the flamingos, attracts a lot of attention from people who are engaged in photography. In the spring you can do water sports such as windsurf and kitesurf. Gokceada Salt Lake is a wonderful natural wonder.


Marmaros Waterfall: Marmaros Waterfall, where the world's richest fresh water resources are located, is a great place where you can see every shade of green. Marmaros Waterfall is a good stop for the natural beauties of Gokceada, where you should see plenty of oxygen and natural beauties. Marmaros Waterfall, located at the exit of Derekoy, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world and it is a perfect place for Trekking enthusiasts to visit and have a picnic around.


Gokceada Ugurlu Village: It is an ideal place for those who want to spend a quiet holiday in a beach. A nice option to visit in Gokceada, Turkey.



Transportation to Gokceada, Turkey



Transportation to Gökçeada is only carried out by sea. It can be made via Canakkale via Highway and Airway.

Highway Transportation: Highway transportation to Çanakkale, which has a history of every square meter, is quite simple. In addition, Istanbul, Ankara Turkey, Izmir, Turkey Bursa, Turkey Antalya, such as the metropolitan city of Canakkale bus services are made. It is also possible to reach the Çanakkale Strait through the Tekirdağ Keşan. You can go to Gokceada by ferry from Canakkale, Turkey.


Airway Transportation: Although there is an airport in Gökçeada, there are no flights for a while. You can use Canakkale Airport to reach Canakkale by air. There are regular flights from Ankara airports and Istanbul Airports. Please contact Arsis Vip Transfer for Canakkale Airport Transfer requests.


Sea Transportation: It is possible to reach Canakkale by sea. You can go to Balikesir Bandırma via Istanbul and from there to Canakkale. You can reach the city center via Tekirdag. To cross the Dardanelles; You can use Gallipoli - Lapseki, Eceabat - Canakkale, Kilitbahir - Canakkale.



Accommodation in Gokceada, Turkey



You can find a lot of accommodation alternatives in Gökçeada. In addition to the Gokceada Hotels, our holiday houses and guest houses are a nice holiday destination. Dream Of Holiday House is one of the leading companies in the villa holidays and house rental sector, very soon Gokceada, Bozcaada and Canakkale Vacation Rentals, apartments for rent, we will be able to serve our guests.