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Information Of Rhodes Island, Greece



Rhodes is one of the largest in the 12 islands of Greece. Turkey Bozburun peninsula located 11 nautical miles from the island, it is a popular tourist center in the Aegean region. There are both airline and maritime transportation options. You can reach Rhodes Island by sea with Marmaris(Turkey) - Bodrum(Turkey) route. The people of Rhodes are very welcoming. Rhodes is also famous for its casinos. The island where 24/7 life flows is among the preferred destinations for a lively holiday. With a great history, Rhodes has been a lighthouse from the past to the present. The statue of Rhodes, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, stands out in all its glory. Rhodes, historical and natural beauties, and at the same time the fast night life will add to your entertainment, can be added to your holiday list. We have listed Rhodes Island's sights for you:


Traveling Places in Rhodes Island, Greece



Rodos Sculture

One of the seven wonders of the world, the statue of Rhodes is a bronze statue of Heleos, the sun god. The building at the port of Rhodes was a source of ideas for the liberty monument in New York. Doris, which has a great culture, has made Rhodes Island a training center. These people, who were enriched by the trade with Egypt and the Phoenicians, were almost a castle of philosophy. The Doris, who were victorious as a result of their war with the Macedonians, built the Statue of Rhodes. When you visit Rhodes you will have to discover the first place to visit.

Rhodes Castle (Old City) 

The gigantic fortress is used for going to the old settlements of the region with its 6 door entrances. It is one of the most important historical places of Rhodes, which has been preserved until today. It is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. It is a magnificent historical sightseeing stop. The Castle of Rhodes, which has witnessed the history of Rhodes for years, should definitely enter your list of places to visit in Rhodes Island.

Grand Master Place

This historical site of Rhodes is one of the most popular places to visit in Rhodes. The palace, which opened its doors as a museum, houses hundreds of historical monuments. This attractive cultural venue, which you can add to the top of your list of places to see in Rhodes, is worth a visit.

Knights Street

As you walk along the street, you will find that the buildings on the right and the left side are once used by the Knights of Rhodes for accommodation. All these buildings built in Gothic style add a mystical atmosphere to the street. There are also stylish cafés where you can relax and have a drink. The breath of this striking street of Rhodes will add color to your holiday in Rhodes. You should definitely place it on your list of places to visit in Rhodes Island.


Lindos, where world-famous white houses of Rhodes are located, offers you beautiful moments with its small and charming beach and the castle at the top. Lindos, where you will visit the blues, can be written among the ideal sightseeing stops among the tours you will make during your holiday in Rhodes.


The unique natural beauty of Rhodes, located on the southern shores of Rhodes, is one of the most remarkable places of Rhodes, with its tropical plants and Italian architecture.

Mandraki Harbor

Mandraki Harbor, the main port of Rhodes Island, is a touristic point where you can stop by while walking along the coast of Rhodes with its many historical monuments along the coast. A nice alternative to Rhodes Island's list of places to see.

Hippocrates Square

If you want to get a souvenir memories that will stay on your visit to Rhodes Hippocrates Square will be the most appropriate place for it. The square where various products are sold adds strength to the air with their historical structures. The region, which has dozens of stylish places at the peak of entertainment at night, is among the most popular places for tourists. Places to see in Rhodes must be on your list.

Butterfly Valley

The valley with its tremendous natural beauties is an attractive sight where thousands of colorful butterflies roam. There are also routes that can be easily navigated in the area, which is arranged by footpaths. The Valley of the Butterflies, an example of the natural beauties of Rhodes, is one of the must-see places.



Accommodation in Rhodes, Greece



Rhodes Island is one of the important tourism locations of the World and Greece with its natural beauties, historical texture and geographical location. You will also find different alternatives for accommodation on Rhodes Island. In Rhodes, you can find hotels, hostels and different accommodation in favor of your budget. We will be able to accommodate you in Rhodes Island, which is one of the leading companies in the vacation rentals and villa holidays sector.