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Vacation in Bodrum Turkey



Bodrum is one the central district of ( Turkey) Mugla's 12 provinces. Today tourism is ranked first in terms of the most intense and the most preferred districts. In world tourism ıt is also the name of the most convenient locations located west of Bodrum district of Mugla Turkey. The majority of land is situated in a peninsula district that bears his name. Northern district is surrounded by the Aegean Sea to the west and south. There is no limit to the east except for an administrative Milas. Mediterranean climate, it has microclimate area . There is no moisture in the summer months. In the winter, humidity is very low. Summers are hot and dry, while the winter has a mild and rainy climate. From the basement to the first snow of 1970 has occurred in the month of February 2004 and snow thickness was 5 cm. 61.3% of the county land area is forested. Forest fires in recent years, has created significant reduction in our beautiful forests. There is a regular stream resource in the county. Irrigation ponds are used in Mumcular as drinking water and for irrigation.The name of the town is known in ancient times as Halicarnassus from Turkish fisherman. Later in the town center with the appointment of St. Peter Petrie gave the name. This name is Pete and he began to say from time to time as I Pot, was read at the end of the basement and remained that way. Known as the world's 7th great Mavsolos Halicarnassus Mausoleum was built in the city. Bodrum Castle was built in the 15th century by Christian knights. Construction was completed in about 100 years. 2. Bodrum Castle today serves as the world's greatest museum of Underwater Archaeology. Anatolian territory of the above is bodrum. The latest Christian lands seized beaches are among the first choice for vacationers. Some beaches are pebbly despite being calm and clear blue sea fascinates all holidaymakers. Bodrum beaches to sunbathe and swim is intended for the utmost comfort you all that are needed. To be rented beachside lounge chairs is another advantage for you. Basement located for beaches and coves with you can be listed as follows; Gundogan, Yalikavak, Gumusluk, Kadıkalesi, Turgutreis Akyarlar, Bonds, Aspat, Ortakent, Bitez, can be listed as Karaada and Strait Islands. The calm waters of the presence of strong waves and currents, both swimmers is a separate corner of paradise for those who dive snorkel on both. One of the most common sport is Surf' in region.The area required for surfing, the beach you will find all the necessary materials and expert trainers. If you think you would like more speed more different sports in other sports that you can do in this coastal water skiing, jet skiing, para-ski (parachute water skiing) as you have the chance to do this kind of activations. Nearby coast of Bodrum harbor every day there are daily tours to put the shield. This full day tour to the fullest possible magnificient bays. The most common and known as 'Karaada' is around.Bodrum hotels, all hotels and homes in the region, the overall look was restored in white. Bodrum (Turkey) also among the most preferred plants Apart Hotel are located in the first place. Apart hotel to turn their so much demand that the hotel owners have revised the facilities the hotel apartments. Bodrum's resort of holidaymakers visit to visit the finish could not understand, they are booking into the sun from water to air, especially Apart Hotel to benefit more. Most are located in the center of the aparthotel. For vacationers who want to vacation in the calm bay Turgutreis, Bodrum, Yalikavak and Bitez was also put into service a very Apart Hotel. Apart Hotels in centers outside of the request and the service in the 4-5 star luxury hotels to budget vermektedir.ilç historic places to be seen, Bodrum Castle, the castle has a museum of underwater archeology exhibit. Bodrum Antique Theater of historic places worth discovering I biridir.bod entertainment centers, known first as the mind is located at Halicarnassus and Catamaran (sea-going vessels) are the entertainment centers. Entertainment also rampant tourist places can say that the most preferred. Bodrum also find music and entertainment center for the style in terms of transport is a town mümkün.bod I have a lot of opportunities. The world-famous resort is also a positive impact on this situation. Air transportation is provided through the district Milas-Bodrum Airport. Uzeklıg the city's airport is 32 km. Bodrum 3 large berth marina and cruise are also available. This marina Milta Bodrum Marina locate, D Marin Turgutreis well located and serves as the Palmara finally located in Yalikavak. The transport and Bodrum Milas double-lane highway can be provided.




Traviling places of Bodrum



Tuzla Bird Sanctuary: Salts Bird Sanctuary, in certain seasons of the period, flocked to birdwatchers. Especially between November and April, they create dance feast of birds, you also can find in the değer.huzur really happy to be the way this place to be seen and we wish you happy holidays from our holidaymakers tavsıye to ederiz.şimdi.


Karaincir Bay: Karaincir located 16 km from the center of Bodrum Bay is a 500-meter long beach. The warmest place in other areas of the bay of Bodrum (Turkey) peninsula, you can add the cleanest and most sandy bottom with Karaincir Bay and your vacation route.


Bod Bay Aquarium: Immaculate, like a sea of glass and in the living sea creatures called by the locals with Bay Aquarium, one of the places they visit, without exception all Blue Cruise boat in the basement. Already flocked to daytime excursion boat Bay Aquarium. At night there are surely a few boats moored broaches.


Bargily Ancient City: Are located in the hillside village of Bargilya. Thousands of years old temple in the hills, columns, among the ruins you can see a small part of the ancient theater. history lovers and adventure lovers and definitely one of the places to be visited to be seen.


Madnas Ancient City: Madnasa ancient city, it's in the Turkbuku Bay Golkoy back. If one of the ancient city of Madnasa be later than those you can be the first to discover the way you Golturbuku Bodrum.


Bod Ancient Theatre: Theatre has managed to maintain up to the grandeur. Bodrum Antique Theatre, also share certain photo frame with each visitor. The old ruins, the young soul for years and survived message while you are you will continue to guests.


Apostol Church: Apostolic Church is located on the Bodrum (Turkey) peninsula, you can add biridir.tarih like the remnants of the historic town of Gundogan and vacationers whether the discovery adventure.


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